A Trendy & Hot Workout

Posted: May 07 2017


Do you want to appear as hot in workout clothes as you do in your trendy Parisian apparel?

Is there someone at the gym who you want to have a good look at your hot-side?
We believe that a woman should appear hotter and beautiful,

doesn’t matter whatsoever she does and wheresoever she is. 

We have changed the concept of workout.

If health is something essential for a vibrant and beautiful life, why a gymnasium should be smothered by sobriety.Let’s get colored, let’s show our radiant side, let’s fill the room with so many lively colors and let’s change the way women work out. We’ve made it possible to still look hottest even if you are sweating like a war-horse.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to www.amountfit.com and get a hot and trendy workout apparel to tell the boys that you do not sweat but sparkle, you do not breath heavily but reveal your hot inner self!!!